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Choose one of these lovely pictures for your Greeting Card, write your own message, send it and  your recipient  will       have a signed addition with a mount to fit a Standard High Street frame  and a lasting memory....

Sunflowers in a Cotswold window

Preparing for the hunt Broadway 

Harbour Brixham Devon

Canoes on the river Aye Scotland

Greeting Card 1

Greeting Card 2

Greeting Card 3
Greeting Card 4

Morning  light Frampton Glostershire

Back road to Broadway in the Cotswolds

Morning Glories on the road side Broadway in the Cotswold

Sunflowers with Salt and Pepper Pots

Greeting Card 5
Greeting Card 6
Greeting Card 7
Greeting Card 8

With my "MODERN GALLERIES Pictures"   I am attempting to maintain the character,  colour and  tonal values of the picture  without all the detailed definition, allowing the viewers to imagine this for themselves.  Each time you look at the picture, you see something new and different through your imagination,  providing I feel as the artist,     more depth and mystery to the painting. 

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